Price: $17,349


  • Condition: New vehicle
  • Manufacturer: Triton
  • Model: NXT-7516-EB
  • Year: 2024
  • Stock #: TRLR-T30095
  • Type: Trailers
  • VIN: 4TCSE1625RHT30095
  • Length: 16.00 ft



The Triton NXT-7516-R is a type of enclosed trailer designed for hauling cargo. It is produced by Triton Trailers, a manufacturer of premium trailers for a variety of applications.

The trailer is approximately 7.5 feet wide and 16 feet long, with an interior height of 6 feet 6 inches. It has a maximum payload capacity of approximately 7,000 pounds, making it suitable for hauling heavy equipment, vehicles, or other large items.

The trailer is constructed with a durable aluminum frame and features a one-piece aluminum roof for maximum protection from the elements. It is equipped with tandem axles and four-wheel electric brakes, providing reliable stopping power and stability while towing. 

Axle: Elec + Torsion
Rear Axle: Torsion
Rear Door Style: Ramp
Tires: 15" Radial Aluminum
Colour: Metallic Charcoal Gray
Side Door: Curb-front
Spare Tire: 15" Radial Silver
Spare Tire Rack: Vnose Road
Stabilizer Jack
Tire Down Ring: 4


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Snowmobile Pre-Season 2023

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